Corpus do Português: One Billion Words

  Mark Davies, Professor at Brigham Young University, announced a new addition to the Corpus do Português. While the corpus has been online (here) for a few weeks, it is now available with an interface and help files in Portuguese as well. – The new corpus contains one billion words of data, which makes it […]

American Regional English dictionary going online

By SCOTT BAUER Associated Press University of Wisconsin students and researchers set out in “word wagons” nearly 50 years ago to record the ways Americans spoke in various parts of the country. Now, they’re doing it again, only virtually. The dictionary, known as DARE, has more than 60,000 entries exposing variances in the words, phrases, […]

United Nations Multilingual Terminology Database

Welcome to UNTERM Maintained by the Terminology Team of the Terminology and Reference Section This database was compiled over the years in response to diverse and wide-ranging demands of United Nations language staff for terminology and nomenclature. It is being put on the Internet to facilitate the efforts of people around the world who participate in […]

New Medical Terms In The Oxford Dictionaries Online

Oxford Dictionaries Online is a free dictionary and language reference site. The site is updated quarterly with new words and senses, special features on language change, and revised encyclopedic entries. Two new medical terms have made their entry into the US English Oxford Dictionary in their February 2013 update. biosimilar noun – Cat: Medicina a biopharmaceutical drug designed […]

Translators, get this dictionary app for free!

Get the Dictionary – Merriam-Webster app free for your Android phone or tablet Here’s how you can download the Dictionary – Merriam-Webster app free for Android devices. This dictionary app is free, and supported by ads. 1. Go to the Google Play page for the free app Dictionary – Merriam-Webster. 2. Click the Install button. No internet […]

What is the Heisenberg effect?

Heisenberg effect Definition: Observation that the very act of becoming a player changes the game being played. It is reflected in interviewing process where the interviewees tend to give answers they think interviewer wants to hear. Named after German Noble-laureate physicist Werner Karl Heisenberg (1901-76) whose uncertainty principle states that the very act of observing alters the position of the particle being observed, and makes it impossible (even in theory) to accurately predict its behavior. […]

Resources for medical translators – Virtual 3D Body

Today I would like to share this great resource for Medical Translators, that was recommended to us by Miguel R. Armentia on the TREMEDICA forum.  The BioDigital Human is a virtual 3D body that brings to life thousands of medically accurate anatomy objects and health conditions in an interactive Web-based platform. It offers medical translations professionals a powerful […]

10 Consejos para Escribir con Claridad

Guía de la Comisión Europea para escribir con claridad. Tres buenas razones para escribir con claridad:• colaborar de manera más eficaz• reducir la correspondencia innecesaria• trabajar con espíritu constructivo

Lifelong Learning Webinars For Medical Interpreters

The International Medical Interpreters Association is a US-based international organization committed to the advancement of professional medical interpreters as the best practice to equitable language access to health care for linguistically diverse patients. The IMIA is proud to offer numerous professional enrichment and educational programs, so there is something for everyone!   Here are some of […]

A Completely New Localization Project Management Certification Program in 2012

The Localization Institute has taken over responsibility for the program from Chico State University and they are offering a completely new Localization Project Management Certification Program (LPM), which will be starting in the spring of 2012.  The LPM Certification Program is comprised of a blend of self-paced, online learning modules followed by a two-day project […]

Information on Lexicograffiti

The Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament in Luxembourg, in an endeavour to raise awareness of the importance of terminology in the ever evolving translation industry has recently organised the 4th in a series of seminars about terminology, called Lexicograffiti.More information can found about this seminar that dealt with lexicography and e-lexicography as well […]

European Migration Network’s Glossary of terms

The purpose of the European Migration Network (EMN)’s Glossary of terms relating to Asylum and Migration terms is inter alia to improve comparability between EU Member States through the use and common understanding of the terms and definitions contained therein. The glossary shall also be used to develop further the EMN Thesaurus, the purpose of […]

¿Conocen a RESH?

RESH (Revistas Españolas de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades) es un sistema de información que integra indicadores de calidad para las revistas científicas españolas de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades.RESH está dirigido fundamentalmente a editores de revistas, investigadores, traductores, bibliotecarios y evaluadores de la actividad científica en estas áreas. Sección – LINGÜÍSTICA GENERAL Y APLICADA Lista de […]

Human Rights Terminology

On the occasion of the Sakharov Prize award on 14th December 2011, the Terminology Coordination Unit of DG TRAD (European Parliament) has prepared an indicative collection of terms belonging to the Human Rights domain for which the European Parliament has a leading role in IATE (the EU interinstitutional terminology database). This booklet serves as an example of what […]

Terminology Coordination Unit at the European Parliament

The Terminology Coordination Team‘s role in the European Parliament is to assist Translators with their day-to-day tasks. As translating documents into 23 languages can be a large, time-consuming and sometimes challenging task, the TermCoord try to lighten the workload. They do this by extracting difficult language (terminology) from texts and attempt to find definitions and […]

Grammarphobe’s Guide to Better English

America’s beloved grammar expert Patricia T. O’Conner has revisited her indispensable survival guide to the English language, offering fresh insights into the usage of which and that, who and whom, colons and semicolons, and more. In these pages you’ll find commonsense, jargon-free, even witty answers to most questions about the basics as well as the […]

Google Search Secrets – How to Search like a Pro

As a translator, there is a wide range of online resources that you probably use on a daily basis. But do you know if you are making the most of them? In this post, I would like to take a closer look at Google and see if you are making the most it. If you’re […]

Free access to the Cambridge University Press

In line with the commitment of Cambridge University Press to advance learning, knowledge and research worldwide, the Press currently publishes over 250 peer-reviewed academic journals for the global market. Containing the latest research from a broad sweep of subject areas, Cambridge journals are accessible worldwide in print and online. All articles published in Cambridge journals […]

WHO – list of essential medicines

WHO supports countries in the selection of essential medicines by publishing the Model List of Essential Medicines, which serves as a guide to the development of national essential medicines lists. Essential medicines are those that satisfy the priority health care needs of the population. They are selected with due regard to public health relevance, evidence […]

Resources for translators – the IMF Terminology

IMF Terminology   This terminology list contains over 150,000 terms useful to translators working with IMF material. It provides English terms with their equivalents in a number of languages. (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian) This list includes words, phrases, and institutional titles commonly encountered in IMF documents in areas such as money and banking, public […]

Translation Memory export creator

TMbuilder – the easiest Translation Memory export creator is a small tool that makes building up TM export/import files as straight-forward as possible. The 1.01 build uses code pieces from a previously created console-based version but has a nice and handy GUI. It was written in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 so the Microsoft .NET Framework […]

Localization Certification and Localization Project Management Certification

2011 Localization Certification and Localization Project Management Certification Start Online Right Away! Hands-on Workshops – San Francisco, June 2011 We are pleased to announce that we are a media sponsor for the Localization Certification and Localization Project Management programs.California State University, Chico Continuing Education, in partnership with The Localization Institute, is pleased to announce the extension of its […]

ApSIC Xbench

ApSIC Xbench is an integrated reference tool aimed to provide a clear and structured view of the terminology of any translation project.  This product supports a number of input formats including Trados, Wordfast, SDLX, etc… ApSIC XBench provides a unified and convenient view of the bilingual information, which can be prioritized by the user as […]


WeBiText is a multilingual translation help tool that retrieves translations of words and expressions in pre-defined and/or user-specified Web sites used as bilingual corpora. The user selects the source and the target languages in the list of all the languages supported on all those sites, and then selects a site among those that support the […]

Tip for designers

Are you having formatting problems while exporting text from a PDF? AutoUnbreak removes line breaks from formatted (or plain) text input. This is useful if you want to reformat a text document, where lines have been cut short, e.g. when copying text from an Adobe PDF file to a word processor. Thus, the program removes […]

Handy tool for freelancers

Inquiry Wizard is an online inquiry tracking application as well as a small customer relationship management software that helps freelancers keep track of the inquiries they have received. In addition, it allows freelancers to determine when these inquiries lead to actual projects, and lets them view which customer contact medium (e-mail, phone, etc.) brings in […]

Webinar on medical translation

Thank you very much to everyone who participated in the Proz webinar on medical translation presented by Luciana Ramos. If you missed the webinar, this training is available on-demand – here Here are some feedback from participants following the webinar: Extremely satisfied – (5 out of 5) “Luciana impartió el webinar con mucha maestría. Su […]

OECD Macrothesaurus

The Macrothesaurus for Information Processing in the field of Economic and Social Development represents a continuation of the combined efforts of many organisations over a period of almost 30 years to create a common vocabulary to facilitate the indexing, retrieval and exchange of development-related information. The Macrothesaurus comprises descriptors (keywords) designed for indexing books and […]

UNESCO Thesaurus

The UNESCO Thesaurus is a controlled vocabulary developed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation which includes subject terms for the following areas of knowledge: education, science, culture, social and human sciences, information and communication, and politics, law and economics. It also includes the names of countries and groupings of countries: political, economic, […]

Resources for translators and linguists

The Macrothesaurus for Information Processing in the field of Economic and Social Development represents a continuation of the combined efforts of many organisations over a period of almost 30 years to create a common vocabulary to facilitate the indexing, retrieval and exchange of development-related information. The Macrothesaurus comprises descriptors (keywords) designed for indexing books and […]

Medical Translation

Do you know that one of our specialities is medical translation? We have a long association with the medical, health care and life sciences sectors – offering Spanish and Portuguese translations, interpretations and transcriptions both for the general public and the scientific community, providing direct services to high-end agencies such as the WHO, PAHO, The […]

Search Engine

Search Engine Colossus is an international directory of Search Engines., giving you links to search engines from the USA, EU countries, Australia, Canada, China, India, Japan, Brazil, Argentina … It first went online in 1998 and it has over 3550 listings from 310 countries and territories around the world!  Gain quick, efficient access to the […]


We came across yet another interesting blog entry. It is a glossary compiled by Zsolt Sesztak a professional English to Hungarian translator and it includes many terms frequently used in connection with translation and other linguistic services.  Whether you need to communicate effectively with translators or translation companies, or just want to know what Unicode […]

Oxford Textbook of Medicine

The Oxford Textbook of Medicine is the foremost international textbook of medicine. Unrivalled in its coverage of the scientific aspects and clinical practice of internal medicine and its subspecialties, it is a fixture in the offices and wards of physicians around the world. The Oxford Textbook of Medicine is available on an annual subscription for […]


 The Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA) is the largest freely-available corpus of English, and the only large and balanced corpus of American English. It was created by Mark Davies of Brigham Young University in 2008, and it is now used by tens of thousands of users every month (linguists, teachers, translators, and other researchers). […]

SDL Trados Support

Do you have technical questions about SDL Trados? You can resolve any issues with support and installation of SDL software in just a few clicks with …  Go to the knowledgebase by clicking: You can also browse a selection of video tutorials on translation memory software to discover new features, shortcuts and helpful hints in SDL Trados […]

ApSIC – Spanish spellcheck

New Feature – Instant Spellchecking from ApSIC Xbench QA available for Spanish ApSIC have just released a set of ApSIC Xbench QA plug-ins to add a spellchecking feature to the QA process. Here are the instructions  (from ApSIC blog) To install the spellchecking plug-in,simply copy the contents of the language’s .zip file into ApSIC Xbench’s […]