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3 Sure Ways To Choose The Right English to Spanish Translation Agency

3 Ways To Choose a Translation Agency

If you’ve had to do some translations in the past you certainly know that it can be challenging to choose the right English to Spanish translation agency. With thousands of translators and agencies all over the world, it easily gets very confusing.

Whether you are looking to sell outside of your borders into Latin America or you are dealing with the growing Hispanic population in the US, nowadays having all your materials translated from English to Spanish is an essential step in any commercial practice.

However finding the right English to Spanish translation agency can be daunting and stressful, especially when it involves large or complex projects. With this in mind, here are 3 simple tips on selecting the right language service provider to help you communicate with your Spanish-speaking audience.

1 – Choose Local Knowledge Over International Presence

Many agencies boost to deal with 100+ languages but if you only need one, you’d rather deal with a company that specializes in the language that you need.
Do you just need translation from English into Spanish? Then find an English to Spanish translation agency actually based in a Spanish-speaking country as they will have better access to local talents and be better equipped to select qualified linguists translating into their native language.

Whether the translated materials or videos are intended for the US market (Spanish for the US) or for Latin America (International Spanish, Mexican Spanish or other variants) choose a company based in a country whose language is Spanish.

2 – Choose Expertise Over Price

Do they have expertise in your vertical or your area of specialization? Have they done any work for companies similar to yours?
Translating medical records and clinical trial files requires a different set of skills compared to translating a user manual for the automotive industry or a website for a tourism board.
Do they offer additional services such as video transcription, subtitling, layout and formatting after translation or even SEO services?
Of course, the price will be in the equation at the moment of choosing a translation agency but your priority should be the overall solution.  Who is better suited to perform the task?

3 – Choose Transparency Over Shadowy Website

You may have found a translation company with a fancy website, but are you able to see their phone number or at least see in which country they are located.
Are the owner and management staff listed? Can you check the profile of some of their senior staff, translators or linguists?
Whether the information is directly on their website or on LinkedIn, you will want to check who they are. Being able to see their credentials and read testimonials will help you decide if a translation agency is right for you. Being able to put a face on the name of their PM and management team will help you build trust with the agency in the long run.

Translation blunders cost a lot of money to companies and may even jeopardize their product launch but by following these 3 sure ways you’ll be on the right path to find the right translation partner for your projects.

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About the Author:
Ocean Translations - English to Spanish Translation AgencySabine Panneau is the Business Development Manager for Ocean Translations, Argentina’s premier language service provider, which mission is to help international clients and multilateral organizations conduct business in the US, in Latin America and the rest of the world by providing language solutions in Spanish, English and Portuguese, including medical, technical and software translations among others.

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