Google – Ngram Viewer

Google has released a massive, searchable database that will give linguists and historians a new tool for quantitatively understanding how language and culture have changed over time. The Books Ngram Viewer, which was created by Google in association with the Encyclopedia Britannica, scientists from Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is a database of  […]

EST/ATISA protocol of understanding

The European Society for Translation Studies (EST) has signed an agreement with the American Translation and Interpreting Studies Association (ATISA) The protocol of understanding recognizes the common aims and interests of the two organizations. ATISA encourages, supports, and furthers the study of translation and interpreting studies by disseminating knowledge and research relevant to all areas […]

Is Machine Translation a solution?

“Post-Editing Free Machine Translation: From a Language Vendor’s Perspective”   by Luciana Ramos Who dares deny humanity is in constant change? Changes have always driven evolution and evolution is only possible as long as innovations are embraced by users, consumers…people at large. After many years of development and research, machine translation has taken the floor and […]

Very useful tool for linguists   I would like to share with you an interesting website for all linguists. It is called “The Linguist List” and its aim is to provide a forum where academic linguists can discuss linguistic issues and exchange linguistic information. We think that it is a great source of information and we hope you will […]

A little bit of history

Ocean Translations was founded in 1997 by professor and interpreter Beatriz Galiano, pursuing to meet the needs of many of her interpretation clients for written translations.  With solid knowledge on the medical arena and a rich history in this field, she gradually added associates, resources, clients, areas of expertise and great achievements to her enterprise. […]

ISO 9001: 2008 Certification

Earlier this year, Ocean Translations gained the 9001:2008 certification as recognition of the quality of its processes and management systems. We remain one of the few Language Service Providers in Argentina offering translations, interpretations and multilingual DTP that are ISO 9001 certified.  “We place quality first!” said Betty Galiano, President of Ocean Translations. “This ISO […]

Welcome, bienvenido, bem-vindo y pasaykamuy!

We are very excited about posting our first entry on our new blog! Lately we have been doing a lot of social media activities, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and getting a blog is our latest addition. The main purpose of this blog is for you to get to know us little bit more […]