Medical Translation: Patient Information Leaflets

What are Patient Information Leaflets? Patient information leaflets regularly referred to as PILs, are documents provided within the packaging of medical products, either inside or the outside package — like many over-the-counter products. PILs are also known as information leaflets, package inserts, instruction leaflets, consumer medicine information, among others. PILs provide consumers with essential information […]

Translating Medical Terminology

When it comes to translating medical texts, language professionals are confronted with multiple challenges. The emergence of new diseases, therapies, and drugs means that translating for this industry requires ongoing specialization. But perhaps the biggest challenge is medical terminology itself. The medical field is loaded with technical terms and for this reason, medical translation demands […]

Medical Assistance Programs Dictionary

When translating medical texts it is often common to come across acronyms from US Departments of Welfare or Medical Assistance Programs such as MAAC (Medical Assistance Advisory Committee), PCP (Primary Care Provider) or SSA (Social Security Administration). If you don’t know where to get started, searching for these acronyms can take valuable time. If you […]

Guidelines in the Naming of New Human Infectious Diseases

WHO issues best practices for naming new human infectious diseases.   “WHO today called on scientists, national authorities and the media to follow best practices in naming new human infectious diseases to minimize unnecessary negative effects on nations, economies and people.” […] “The best practices state that a disease name should consist of generic descriptive […]

Online Resource For Medical Translators

Understanding and researching medical terminology is a critical part of the work of medical translators. There are hundreds of resources available online, but we like to share with you a fantastic website to explore the human body interactively. Just by signing up for a free account, you will get access to over 1,000 anatomy models […]

Cosnautas: Good News For Spanish To English Translators?

Here is an interesting article on a great resource for Spanish to English medical translators. This article was published on Panacea, Vol. XV, n.º 39. Primer semestre, 2014, the Medical, Language and Translation magazine issued by TREMEDICA, the International Association of Translators and Editors in Medicine and Applied Sciences. Cosnautas is the new on-line one-stop shop for […]

Workshop for Biomedical Translators and Interpreters – New York – April 2014

Instituto Cervantes of New York and TREMÉDICA (International Association of Translators and Editors in Medicine and Allied Sciences) are organizing the first training workshop for biomedical translators and interpreters. Description Medical translation is a highly specialized field requiring particular language and technical skills. It is also a fast- growing market, both for professional translators and […]

Resources for medical translators – Virtual 3D Body

Today I would like to share this great resource for Medical Translators, that was recommended to us by Miguel R. Armentia on the TREMEDICA forum.  The BioDigital Human is a virtual 3D body that brings to life thousands of medically accurate anatomy objects and health conditions in an interactive Web-based platform. It offers medical translations professionals a powerful […]