Medical Translation: Patient Information Leaflets

What are Patient Information Leaflets? Patient information leaflets regularly referred to as PILs, are documents provided within the packaging of medical products, either inside or the outside package — like many over-the-counter products. PILs are also known as information leaflets, package inserts, instruction leaflets, consumer medicine information, among others. PILs provide consumers with essential information […]

Translating Medical Terminology

When it comes to translating medical texts, language professionals are confronted with multiple challenges. The emergence of new diseases, therapies, and drugs means that translating for this industry requires ongoing specialization. But perhaps the biggest challenge is medical terminology itself. The medical field is loaded with technical terms and for this reason, medical translation demands […]

20 Years of Ocean Translations: Interview with Betty Galiano

In 2018, Ocean Translations turned 20 years old. We’ve chosen to take this opportunity to chat with Betty Galiano, the company’s founder and general manager, about lessons learned, the state of the translation industry, and what’s ahead, among other things. What started in 1998, and since then, this small project has gradually evolved into a […]

Be Careful: Poor Translations Can Seriously Damage Your Business

The night of Friday, June 9, 2017, Jane concluded that she had just experienced one of the worst weeks of her professional life. Let’s take a look at the context. As a manager in the new businesses division of a multinational in the industrial sector, Jane is in constant contact with colleagues in Brazil and […]

Website Localization: Get Ready to Compete Internationally

Your website is available in several languages; that’s all very nice. But did you hire a website localization service?   No? Well, you should consider it, assuming that your goal is to expand your offering to new markets.   Localizing a website means that the site is available in several languages. Well, it’s only partly […]

Content Creation: Six Options for Competing on the International Market

Seeking out new markets for conducting business is something that most businesses across the globe do. But what happens when that challenge transcends the borders of one country? What’s the best way to communicate with a foreign audience? You’ll probably need a little extra help. Did you know that Ocean Translations offers much more than […]

Four Services Your Translation Agency Offers that You’ve Never Heard Of

People almost always ask us if we offer this or that service. That’s fair enough—the linguistic offerings at a company dedicated to translation are broader than most people would expect. But, since you asked, we’ll make the most of the question and tell you about four linguistic services your translation agency offers that you’ve probably […]

ISO Standard 9001:2008 For SMBS: The Only Possible Path For Growth

ISO STANDARD 9001:2008 AT A TRANSLATION AGENCY   When you consider the financial and human risks posed by a translation error, you’ll realize that it’s only logical to choose a certified language service provider. Attention to detail and systematic definition of processes ultimately have a major impact on the quality of a translation. But what […]